The Most Effective Way to Reduce Your Freight Shipping Costs

Every dollar counts in these difficult economic times, and freight transportation expenses are no exception. However, there are several strategies for reducing freight costs, particularly for smaller volume shippers.

The more room your package consumes, the more expensive it is. Eliminate cumbersome packing without risking the integrity of your cargo. Freight carriers take into account the weight of your package and the amount of space it consumes on the truck or plane. A shipment of 100 pounds of foam will cost more than a shipment of 100 pounds of steel.

Transportation to and from a company. Shipments between businesses are always less expensive than those between residences. However, freight carriers charge residential pickups and deliveries at a premium, so if you can utilize a friend’s business, you’ll save money.

This is where fees can accumulate. If your package weighs less than 175 pounds, ask a buddy to assist you in lifting it off the truck to avoid paying the expensive lift gate fee. Additionally, you will avoid the interior pickup/delivery costs.

The majority of freight is collected and delivered curbside. If you request pickup or delivery within the building, the courier will transport it only beyond the building’s opening threshold. This might refer to your home’s entrance door. Expect them to be unable to climb or descend stairs. In the majority of situations, it makes sense to forego the inside pickup/delivery and perform the task yourself.

While crates are more expensive to construct than pallets, they will provide more protection for your product during transit. They frequently save you money as well, particularly when shipping LTL (less than truckload). For instance, a palletized automobile engine is classified as a freight class 85, but a crated engine is classified as a freight class 70.

Freight companies are in the business of transporting, not insured, your freight. Consider utilizing the services of a third-party insurance agent, such as or They frequently provide better rates and coverage for insuring your package.

Make educated purchasing decisions by obtaining freight estimates from various providers—-and exploring internet sources. Freight costs vary significantly, even amongst carriers, and obtaining competitive quotations ensures that you receive the lowest freight quote possible for your shipment.


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