Every day we work to select and present a few, great objects.
We select them for our showroom and dedicate our research to everyone who wants to include beauty in their living spaces. Our displays are a window on what we believe in: a design that doesn’t aim to outdo itself, but which has been created to add surprise, harmony and inspiration to people’s lives.
Without them, design would not exist.

We believe that life and design must constantly interact and that the relationship between people’s objects and their lives must be the subject of an ongoing investigation. We believe that the beauty of chairs can influence the beauty of conversation and that a table’s legs can help support a line of reasoning. We believe that a wellmade plate can be one of the ingredients in a recipe and that a lamp can also enlighten ideas. That is why we have decided to include people in our window display, to give them the chance to experience an innovative dining concept that crossbreeds life and design into a unique experience.